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Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have questions about our services? Here are some we are asked most often. If your question is not on this list, call us at (405) 840-9000.

Q. Does A Chance to Change have an inpatient facility?
A. No, we are strictly an on site outpatient service agency. If inpatient treatment is indicated, your counselor will help with referrals.

Q. How do I know what kind of treatment to request?
A. The first thing we do is talk about your needs. Then professional counselors conduct a thorough assessment and develop individual recommendations.

Q. What is your treatment program?
A. Our addiction treatment program is a structured outpatient program conducted by professional counselors. It will include individual, group, and/or family counseling, according to the needs of each client.

Q. Is it a 12-step program?
A. No, we provide professional clinical treatment and refer you to an appropriate ongoing support group, if indicated.

Q. How long does the treatment program take?
A. The structured treatment program generally lasts twelve weeks, but you can continue counseling as long as needed. For some this isn’t needed; others may need longer.

Q. And after that is my addiction cured?
A. No, addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment. Substance abuse literally changes brain pathways and recovery requires life long abstinence from the substance or behavior causing the disease.

Q. What do you charge?
A. Professional counseling is billed according to time and situation. For more information on our fees, please call our office at (405) 840-9000.

Q. What if I need help but don’t have the means to pay?
A. We attempt to make services available to any person whose life has been affect by substance abuse or problem gambling. Addicts and/or family members who qualify can get counseling and recovery service at discounted fees.

Q. Do you treat problems other than addiction?
A. We provide counseling for emotional and psychological issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, marital & family issues and other disorders.

Q. What kind of staff do you have?
A. We are a nationally accredited agency. Our counselors all possess extensive credentials. We pride ourselves in employing only dedicated professionals to fulfill both our clinical and administrative needs.

Q. Do I need a doctor’s referral?
A. You do not need a doctors referral, UNLESS your health insurance requires it. A Chance to Change has a physician Medical Director who is available to consult with counselors, review cases and make recommendations.

Q. I don’t want anyone to know about my problems.
A. Your records, conversations and any other personal information are strictly confidential. We strictly adhere to the highest ethical and legal regulations concerning patient confidentiality.

Q. What addictions do you treat?
A. Drug and alcohol addictions and behavioral addictions such as problem gambling, sex, and spending.

Q. Is there a waiting period?
A. Counseling staff is usually available within a few days.

Call A Chance to Change : (405) 840-9000