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You Can Help!


ACTC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. With the help of generous donations, we are able to provide free or low-cost services such as our education classes and in school prevention programs.Consider making a donation to A Chance to Change Foundation. We would welcome you to send a check, large or small, an online donation or talk to us about where your contribution could do the most good.All donations made to A Chance to Change Foundation are tax deductible.


A Chance to Change, like most non-profit service agencies, appreciates the help of volunteers, and has several volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.Volunteer positions available:

  • Registration Clerk at Monday Education Classes
  • In Office Filing Clerk
  • Building Maintenance
  • Special Event Assistance

All volunteers are required to fill out an application and complete a background check.  If you are interested in volunteer please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Nanci Johnson at 242-1316 or njohnson@achancetochange.org.

Advocate, Educate

You can help with education by giving people you know the facts. Addiction is a disease. It is a chronic illness that requires lifelong support for recovery, it is not a character flaw.


Help us fulfill our mission by reaching out to those suffering from addiction or behavioral disorders. Tell them hope is here and refer them to us for help and treatment. For more information on how you can become a part of A Change To Change Foundation, please contact us at 405-840-9000.
Call A Chance to Change : (405) 840-9000