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Consumer Grievance Policy

Consumers, family members and significant others who have a grievance with A Change to Change Foundation are provided the following procedure. At each step of the procedure, the consumer will receive written notification of the grievance outcome and instructions on how that outcome may be appealed to the next level.

Note: No consumer shall be retaliated against or subjected to any adverse change of conditions or treatment because the consumer asserted his/her rights.

1. Within two business days of the grievance, talk directly with the person with whom one has the grievance.

2. If this does not solve the problem, make contact with the department manager within the next two business days.

3. After talking with the department manager and not receiving a satisfactory solution, a letter should be written to the Executive Director. This letter should be written within two days of contact with the department manager.

4. If this does not solve the problem, a letter should be written within the next two business days to the Chairman of the Board of Directors at A Chance to Change Foundation.

All grievances will be resolved within fourteen days of the consumer initiating the above procedure.

The Coordinator of the Grievance Procedure is Tom Boone. The final decision maker in these matters is Karen Mosshammer.

A consumer has the right to make a complaint to the ODMHSAS Consumer Advocacy Division by calling (405) 522-3908 and asking for the office of the Advocate General.

Note: The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Advocate General, in any investigation regarding consumer rights, has access to A Change to Change consumers, records and staff.

Call A Chance to Change : (405) 840-9000